Hobart 500548 Airforce 500i Plasma Cutter Review


The Hobart 500548 Airforce 500i Plasma Cutter is ideal for those who find themselves in need to cut thick metal sheets. This Plasma cutter posses lots of power so that it can cut trough a 5/8 inch steel at ease while other is limited to only ½ inch.

Packs With Features

The Hobart 500548 Airforce 500i Plasma Cutter features a Multi-Voltage Plug (MVP) so that you can plug it to any AC outlets from 110v to 230v without worrying of over voltage. A highly portable design like a lunch box that weights only 27-pounds for you to take it anywhere you may want to, this is great if you have projects to finish. This also includes a Cable Management Strap for easy transport that secures the torch, work cable and power cord.

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Comfort And Efficient For Precise Cutting

The newly designed Ergonomic HP-50 torch further increases your comfort in cutting; it provides more efficient cooling system and a very economical replacement cutting tips that saves you more money. The Post-flow Air Cooling system chills the tip and torch every after cutting, it promotes a longer life span for the electrode and the receptacle tips.

The Hobart 500548 Airforce 500i Plasma Cutter is a user friendly that cuts faster and more precise than any oxy fuel. It produces a laser heat-affected zone on the cutting area with the lowest possible distortion for precision cutting.

Keep It Safe

The Fan-On-Demand works in tandem with the Wind Tunnel Technology that repels the dust and dirt particles accumulated on the unit that prevents it from damaging the internal components. The Hobart Airforce 500i is built with Thermal Overload Protection to keep it safe and endure any working temperature conditions.

The Line Voltage Compensation delivers an optimum performance and clean cuts even though the input voltage fluctuates. The Hobart 500548 Airforce 500i provides a longer cable for you to easily move around while working without causing a voltage drop on the cable; this makes it possible with its Power Factor Correction feature.

The Verdict

The Hobart 500548 Airforce 500i Plasma Cutter delivers excellent performance with its powerful cutting ability on thick metal sheet with accuracy. This unit receives a perfect score of 5/5 star at Amazon review center that proves how remarkable the product is. Most users were surprise how fast they can drag the torch with precise cutting and exceptionally user friendly. >>Click Here to read more customers reviews.

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