Milwaukee 6238-20 Portable Band Saw Review

Milwaukee 6238-20 AC-DC Deep Cut Portable Two-Speed Band Saw

The Milwaukee 6238-20 Portable Band Saw works great for cutting metals from pipe, tubular and angular bar while others also use it in plastics and woods. Milwaukee brand tools are not new in this type of industry and some customers dubbed it as the King of power tools.

Powerful Motor

The Milwaukee 6238-20 Portable Band Saw is run by an 11-Amp motor which is the industry’s biggest capacity that delivers optimum performance and durability for tough works that finish the job fast. It provides broad cutting capacity of 5-inch wide and 5-inch deep for maximum utilization.

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Portable And Comfortable Design

The Milwaukee 6238-20 Portable Band Saw weights only 14.5 pounds that gives you full control over the tool even for longer hours of working without tiring. Its perfectly balanced body gives comfort on your hands when using it.

More Protection Features

This Deep Cut Band Saw ensures a full protection on itself with Job Site Armor technology and crush zone barrier that is built to last. The tool is solidly built with its all metal direct drive system for optimum power transfer and prolongs its life span compare to other chain drive band saw.

More additional protection features such as the Gear Protecting clutch that extends the motor life by absorbing high impact forces due to blade lock-ups while the debris protection system removes the dust and debris when the tool is running.

Take full Control For Precision Cutting

The Milwaukee 6238-20 Portable Band Saw features a two speed motor so that you can work at the ideal pace for specific types of metal while maximizes its cutting performance. Slimmer motor and housing design means complete visualization, so that you can easily spot on the targeted area for precise cutting.

The Milwaukee 6238-20 Band Saw Performance

The Milwaukee 6238-20 Portable Band Saw receives an outstanding customer’s review with 4.8/5 stars at Amazon that proves it excellent performance. The following statement is taken from the user’s testimony that actually owns and uses it in real world applications.

One customer says that he uses it to cut everything from metal, woods and plastic. It was always his choice all the time as opposed to his zip discs, dry cut chop saw and plasma cutter. It cuts square and clean every time, it is the quietest tool in his shop.

The quality appears to be descent and works great. It has great power, didn’t mess up the tread ends and easy to use even at one handed. However, some customer complains the fact that it doesn’t come with a blade so that you have to purchase it separately.

Bottom Line

The Milwaukee 6238-20 Portable Band Saw is one of the best you can have if you’re needed an extra power due to its 11-Amp motor. A perfect balanced and super lightweight feature in this cutting tool brings comfort to anyone who’s working for long hours.

The price it offers is one of the lowest in its class that brings superb value on the table considering its features and performance level. The company is generously giving a 5-year warranty on this tool for your total peace of mind whenever you purchase this product. Click Here to get the Lowest Price!

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