DEWALT DWM120K Portable Band Saw Review

DEWALT DWM120K 10 Amp 5-Inch Deep Cut Portable Band Saw KitIf you find yourself in need to cut steel fro horizontal, vertical or even overhead position the DEWALT DWM120K Portable Band Saw Kit is a tool that makes your steel cutting job simple. Dewalt is a well known brand maker of top of the line power tools for many years. Engineers there are committed on their own craft to produce the best in its class.

Powerful Cutting Ability

The DEWALT DWM120K Portable Band Saw is solidly built that will last for years of extensive usage. It has a powerful 10-Amp motor design that can handle tough jobs with industry level. It provides a 5 x 4-3/4 inch rectangular stock with maximum capacity of 5-inch deep cut that works perfectly with circular or rectangular stock.

Take Full Control On The Tool

It features a Variable Speed control from 100 to 350sfm to take full control of your specific cutting needs. Working in a darker environment is difficult because the pencil marker to be cut is hard to see. With the DEWALT DWM120K Portable Band Saw you can totally visualize the area you’re working with its LED sight light to have a precise cutting.

Easy Changing Blades And Longer Life Span

Changing blades makes it easy for you with its blade changing lever that loosens the blade tension. It also has an accurate blade tracking adjustment for optimum blade alignment thus reduces wear for longer blade life. You can depend on its smooth cutting ability due to its blade support system and the dual bearing guide roller adds to its stability.

Firm Grip For Your Cutting Accuracy

Having a firm grip on the tool increases your cutting accuracy. The DEWALT DWM120K features a highly comfortable grip for your hands that removes the pain while working. In addition to that is the oversize multi-position adjustable front handle that provides more space for your hands to spot your perfect hand position for excellent griping on the tool.

The saw well balance body design greatly contribute to your comfort that reduces the user’s tiredness when working overtime.

Warranty Back-up

This amazing tool comes with 3-year limited warranty with one year free service and 90-day money back guaranty that protects your purchase.

The DEWALT DWM120K Performance

The DEWALT DWM120K Portable Band Saw receives an outstanding customer’s review of 4.5/5 at Amazon that proves it great performance. The following is taken from the users’ testimony that actually owns and uses it in real world applications.

Best made band saw no doubt and use it everyday, it cuts on thick stock at ease while he own a Milwaukee previously and never go back again. Other says that, after cutting a hundred inches of steel and aluminum he still using the blade that came from the saw.

The built was sturdy and it cuts powerfully while the variable speed is great for cutting different types of materials. The LED is ideally positioned directly behind the blade so that its shadow becomes a cutting guide.

It cuts faster, simple and easily guided on your desired direction over its competitor while the rubber bumper is a nice feature for setting the saw down. It has a very impressive performance and most of them highly recommends it.

Although, most customers are pleased with the factory blade some of them decided to replace it with other set of blades for extra fast cutting.

Bottom Line

If you need to cut different types of steel and aluminum, easy and precise the DEWALT DWM120K Portable Band Saw is a perfect tool for you. If you need to cut even faster you can always change the blade with a better one, its simple. This tool is available at a very affordable price that significantly adds to its worth. Click Here to get the Lowest Price!

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