DEWALT DCS370B Cordless Band Saw Review

DEWALT Bare-Tool DCS370B 18-Volt Cordless Band Saw

If you’re looking for a cutting tool that works on far distance of a lift or an electric outlet is not available on the site the DEWALT DCS370B Cordless Band Saw solves these problems. This tool is ideal for electricians, plumbers, sprinkler fitters and other professional contractor who’s required to cut threaded rod, uni-strut, conduit, and other types of metal.

Compact And Lightweight

Cutting is a tough job and working with for long hours is tiring however, the DEWALT DCS370B Cordless Band Saw features a compact and lightweight design so that you can work efficiently and finish your job faster without causing pain on your hands.

It weights only 7.7 pounds and measures 15-inch in length in a perfect balance so that you can cut accurately on various metals without exhausting the user.

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Heavy Duty For Powerful Cuts

The DEWALT DCS370B is a heavy duty cordless band saw that can cut steel with maximum diameter of 2.5-inch and up to 2-inch SCH-40 pipe. With its 570 fpm (Foot pr Minute) capacity it can cut thick steel faster with precision.

The DEWALT DCS370B Cordless Band Saw is powered by 18-volt XRP battery system that gives an extra 40-percent power compare to other standard Ni-Cad batteries while it can also be used in any 18-volt DEWALT power tools. However, consumer should be aware the fact that the battery is not included in the package and be bought separately.

More Safety Features Ahead

This Cordless band saw provides more safety features to remain in top shape for longer period of time. It has an integrated hook that lets you hang the saw without damaging the front and base after every task. It also features a heavy-duty glass filled nylon base for added durability and an extra handle on top for ease of usage when you’re working at overhead positions.

Changing blades on the DEWALT DCS370B Cordless Band Saw is simple and it doesn’t require any to tool, the changing lever loosens the blade tension for fast blade replacement. However, often changing blades can cost you, so that it features Dual bearing guide rollers that add to its support and durability. Working with this tool gives you comfort and flexibility that makes it possible with the soft grip handle feature.

The DEWALT DCS370B Performance

The DEWALT DCS370B Cordless Band Saw receives a near perfect rating of 4.9/5 at Amazon that proves its excellent performance. The following statements are come from customers who actually owns and use it in real world.

The DEWALT DCS370B Cordless Band Saw is a very impressive tool says one of the user as it fits in a 5-gallon bucket that doesn’t take a lot of room on your job cart. It is great for aerial works from lift due to the fact of being cordless. Its excellent weight distribution allows you to work with single handed cuts while the other hand holding the material to be cut and the hang hook is very handy every after usage.

It cut up to 2″ Sch 80 pipe (2 1/2″) nicely and after made of 10-cuts on uni strut the battery has plenty to go. It cuts everything that will fit in its small throat while the blade last long and rarely heat up. So much easier to use says the other reviewer, he save so much time using it against heavy tools with cords, no need to for an outlet and drag around the cord. However, there are reports that the tool has no breaks after you release the trigger it will go for another second.

Bottom Line

The DEWALT DCS370B Cordless Band Saw proves its superb performance and features. A great tool for commercial plumbing, electrical service work and very useful to any construction projects. I got nothing to hate about this tool and it is highly recommended by those who use it, the price it offer is surely adorable. Click Here to get the Lowest Price!

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