Sevylor Tahiti Fishing/Hunting Inflatable Kayak Review

Sevylor Tahiti Fishing-Hunting Inflatable

If you love fishing and hunting with friends but don’t have much money to spend on it, no need to worry anymore because, the Sevylor Tahiti Fishing/Hunting Inflatable kayak made it possible for budget conscious persons. Sevylor is world renown in producing the best inflatable since 1948, the Tahiti fishing/hunting was firstly build in 1963 and improves over the years in perfecting its craft.

Durable and Looks Great

Hunters out there will surely like its good looks of Sevylor Tahiti Fishing/Hunting Inflatable kayak in camo color that is hardly seen on grassy spots which is excellent for hunting purposes. It is made of heavy-duty 26-guage PVC, a highly durable materials that adds to its toughness to withstand rocky surface. It has a tubular I-Beam floor that adds to its sturdiness and stability.

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Capable of Heavy Loads

The Sevylor Tahiti Fishing/Hunting Inflatable kayak measures 10-feet 9-inch long with 2-feet 4-inch wide and weights approximately 27 pounds. Due to its lightness this can be carried by a single person and surprisingly, it can handle up to 400 pounds of total body weight.

More Features Ahead

It provides two inflatable seats for you to enjoy it with friends and family, it includes a backrest for comfortable journey without tiring even for long hours of fishing. In addition to that are two spray cover if you want to keep dry all day long.  This also includes two paddles and air pump so that you don’t need to purchase it that saves you for any additional cost.

The Sevylor Tahiti Fishing/Hunting Inflatable kayak composed of two chambers for added security that prevents it from sinking when the other one breaks. An airtight guarantee which is exclusive from sevylor that prevents it from leaks, thanks to its double locking valves.

Superb Stability And Maneuverability  

Once on the water, everyone who rides on it may feel safe due to its superb stability. Maneuver is also excellent; turning anyway you may wish to be easy and paddling is at breeze that prevents you from exhausting for long hours journey. There’s an optional directional skeg for your total control over the boat.

Inflating the kayak is easy, within ten minutes you’re ready to hit the water. After a day of adventure, deflating it is also a breeze and you’re ready to pack it inside the car trunk in a very short time. On the negative side, it’s harder to control on a windy atmosphere and tracking is not as good with hard shells, however there’s an optional skegs to improve it.

The Verdict

The Sevylor Tahiti Fishing/Hunting Inflatable kayak is the right choice if you’re looking for compactness and great performing kayak at a cheap price. You got everything you’ll need for you to enjoy fishing and explore the wonders of nature with friends. This kayak earns a great customer’s reviews at Amazon with 4/5 stars to prove how good the product is. >>Click Here to read more customers’ review

However, due to its lightness it suffer from minor issues as I mention above but, it has a superb stability, maneuverability, easy to paddle and  durable. This minor drawback simply overruns its benefits. That being said, this inflatable hunting kayak receives our Good To Buy Consumer Award. >>Click Here to get the Lowest Price!

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