Old Town Dirigo Tandem Plus Recreational Double Kayak Review

Old Town Dirigo Tandem Plus Recreational Double Kayak3

The Old Town 15-Feet 3-Inch Dirigo Tandem Plus Recreational Double Kayak is your perfect companion if you came across to have fun in the water together with your friends and families. This tandem kayak can accommodate up to three persons that includes an additional jump-seat for the third passenger with up to 600 pounds of body weight.

Old Town Company has perfected its craft since 1898 and continuously motivated to advancing its design by giving us a lighter, durable and simple to use kayak for a more enjoyable ride.

More Features Ahead

It features a large cockpit design for easy entry and exit on the boat. The inclusion of the cushion seats gives you the most comfortable ride for long hour journey. There’s a cockpit thigh pads and foot braces that prevents your legs from tiring, this also gives you the ability to take a full control over the boat.

Located at the rear portion of the kayak is the Old Town Click Seal hatch for easy opening that provides an easy access secure storage for your belongings that keep it safe and dry. A second glove box hatch is can be found in front of the boat cockpit that stays close everything at hand that holds you wallet and keys. A cup holder and accessories tray is available in the rear cockpit that holds your cold water whenever you feel thirst.

Some features includes in this kayak are the Dual paddle keeper that stays your paddle in place while not in use. The deck bungee keeps your cargo in safe place and the retractable carry handles on both end of the kayak makes it simpler to carry by two persons. The back seat is adjustable for you to move forward if you prefer to paddle alone.

Built Tough

The boat is made of three layers Polyethylene which is 3-time durable than a single layer Poly. As a result, it offers an excellent floating that virtually prevents you from sinking and the Stabil-form hull design is rigid that doesn’t deform unlike other cheaper materials.

The Old Town Dirigo comes in a very attractive design with 15 feet three-inch length by 2 feet 6 inches wide with 14 inch height, which is superb for tracking at vast speed. The boat weights only at 80 pounds and can carry a maximum load of 600 pounds.

A sit-inside cockpit design of the Old Town Dirigo Tandem Plus Recreational Double Kayak provides an adequate safety from water spray to keep you dry trough your entire journey. Once you’re in action the kayak offers superb stability and you can easily reach 4 to 6 mph when paddled by two persons. Maneuverability is quite good for a 15-feet kayak so that you can easily turn on either direction.

The Good

Made of three layer Polyethylene materials that offers 3-times stronger than other single layer kayaks

Cushion seats for a totally comfortable for hours of journey

Adjustable foot braces and thigh pads prevents your legs from tiring and to take full control of the boat

Retractable carry handles for easy transport by two persons

Paddler holder that keeps your paddle in safe

Extra removable seat for child

Click Seal hatch that stores your important belongings

Additional glove box hatch for your keys, wallets and other small indispensables

Stabil-form hull design that tremendously improves its tracking ability

Deck bungee that holds your cargo in a safer place

Large cockpit area for easy entry exit

It can carry up to 600 pounds

The Bad

It requires rack to transport

The Verdict

The Old Town 15-Feet 3-Inch Dirigo Tandem Plus Recreational Double Kayak is loaded with features that gives you an exceptional paddling experience. The boat tracking ability is outstanding that doesn’t cause you pain but full of excitement. Design for your maximum comfort and durability that will last for years.

The boat receives an outstanding customers’ review of 4.5/5 stars at Amazon to prove its worth. The price it offers is very reasonable for the features it brings, this alone delivers great value in it. The Old Town 15-Feet 3-Inch Dirigo Tandem Plus Recreational Double Kayak earns our Good to buy Consumer wise Award. Click Here to get the Lowest Price!

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