Karcher X-Series K5.540 2000PSI Pressure Washer Review

Karcher X-Series

If you go for a powerful electric Pressure Washer, the Karcher X-Series K5.540 2000PSI Pressure Washer is a good choice. The unit is equipped with the latest technology only from Karcher with water cooler induction motor that extends its life span and better performance as well.

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More Features

The Karcher X-Series K5.540 features a Karcher patented Self Priming/Siphon Capable N-Cor Pump for best usage. There’s a soft trigger gun system that promotes less tiring to finish the job faster that includes a child safety lock. It also features a Quick-connect System on all hose for easy and fast setup by simply push then click into place.

The package incorporates two spray wands for your specific needs, the DirtBlaster spray wand delivers powerful pressure that increase its effectiveness up to 50-percent, while the Vario Power Spray wand allows you to adjust the pressure on the wand that demands light a cleaning activity.

The 25-foot high pressure hose is great to move along while working on various parts. It features an On-board Detergent tank with adjustable detergent flow dial that controls the amount of detergent being use to eliminate the waste.

There’s an Integrated Hose Reel that prevents it from stepping while working thus eliminates the mess as well. It features an all terrain wheel and a trolley to easy transport and move around. The best features with this unit that you can’t find anywhere is the ability to dispense water without a water faucet, although you need to an optional accessories here, this feature makes it ideal on job-sites that lacks of faucet.

The Karcher X-Series K5.540 In Action

Most customers are satisfied with the purchase of the Karcher X-Series K5.540 2000PSI Pressure Washer it’s good on siding, vehicles, floor mats, and anything porous such as concrete or brick. For the price, weight, size, winter storage, convenience and less maintenance compare to gas powered this unit gives you the advantage.

The soap dispenser is better than any dispenser and the wheels are adequate to easily move it around. The best thing about this pressure washer is its quietness; one customer was shocked how silent it was. However, some customers complain about its flimsy cord holder and upper wand holder. The unit will easily tip over even with the slightest tug on the pressure hose.

The Verdict

The Karcher X-Series K5.540 Pressure Washer is more than enough for household cleaning. The price it offers justifies what it can deliver. Being an electric Pressure Washer it gives you an advantage of less maintenance and silent operations. The unit is made of many plastic parts so that its lifespan is questionable to some owners.

Feature like water cooler and the capability to draw water without the faucet are hard to find, this could be a deciding factor to some individuals. The Karcher X-Series 2000PSI Pressure Washer has the right to earn our Good Pick Electric Pressure Washer Consumer Wise Award. Click Here to get the Lowest Price!

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