BISSELL DeepClean Essential Carpet Cleaner 8852 Review

BISSELL DeepClean Essential Carpet Cleaner 8852 Review,BISSELL Carpet Cleaner Reviews,Carpet Cleaner ReviewsWhy suffer from dusty and ugly carpet while you can have it clean and fresh all the time with the BISSELL DeepClean Essential Carpet Cleaner 8852. Cleaning make it simple for you so that you can still have more time to do other task at home.

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Cleaning Made It Simple

If you think dirt from old spill is almost impossible to remove, the BISSELL DeepClean Essential Carpet Cleaner 8852 makes it simple for you. It features a Pressurized Spray that tenderly releases the dirt from your carpet. While the DirtLifter Power Brush powerfully suction the dirt to completely remove it. The next thing you’ll notice is how much dirt that comes out from it.

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The DirtLifter power brush provides 6-cleaning rows beneath the carpet cleaner whilst it remains gentle on your carpet to protect it from damaging. It also includes the Edge Sweep Brushes to help cleaning the baseboards and around furniture.

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Hot water solution makes your cleaning fast as it softens the dirt deep down of your carpet. The BISSELL DeepClean Essential Carpet Cleaner 8852 features a Heatwave Technology that maintains the water temperature throughout your cleaning process for a quicker cleaning time.

2-In-1 Tank System

The BISSELL DeepClean Essential Carpet Cleaner 8852 uses only one large tank that will function as two. Firstly, it wets the carpet with the cleaning solution. Secondly, after scrubbing it will suck the carpet then store it on the same tank.

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This will minimize your trips to the sink to fill and empty the tank. In this manner cleaning is made faster thus a large tank capacity is a big advantage. Emptying and cleaning the solution tank after cleaning can be done as fast as two minutes.

Additional Cleaning Tool Attachments

Hard to reach corner makes this tools an easy access. The BISSELL DeepClean Essential Carpet Cleaner 8852 is presented with three additional tools which ideal for above the floor cleaning such as the stairs, upholstery and even your car.

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The inclusion of the narrow brush, wider cleaning tool with brush and the crevice tool makes it simple to clean those hard to reach areas. To make it very handy, there’s a push button switch each tool at your finger tips.

BISSELL DeepClean Essential Carpet Cleaner 8852 Review

The BISSELL DeepClean Essential Carpet Cleaner 8852 receives an outstanding customer’s review at with 4.3/5 stars that proves how good it performs. The following statements are taken from customers who actually bought and use it in real world applications.

Ease Of Use

Assembling the unit is super easy, out of the box it requires a Phillips screwdriver and within five minutes you’re done. The single water tank with bladder was a surprise as I’ve been accustomed to double tanks. It works well with added convenience by making the cleaner a bit lighter. Filling with water and emptying dirty water is as easy as can be.

The power cord has an excellent length. The tools provided for other cleaning purposes can be easily attached to the machine and easy to use. It directs the user to spray in forward and backward motion and for vacuuming as well that lessens the area that can be cleaned before it needs to change the water.

Cleaning Performance

This machine cleans like crazy. I tested it on my three room size rugs, a very tight weave, a loosen weave and a Berber while experiencing no difficulty at all. I’m very pleased with the cleaning and power of the vacuum, says one of the reviewer.

I used both the small hand brush and the crevice tool to clean the corners also other areas of carpet where the machine would not fit. However, this machine uses hot water while it has a built in heater and it doesn’t produce its own hot water.

Built Construction

Most part of the machine is made of hard plastic including the tank that contains flexible bladder that holds about a gallon of cleaning solution. The wheel looks cheap but they function just fine. All things I considered its very pleasing.

The machine and its brushes clean a swath about a foot wide on each pass and it does a pretty good job of cleaning carpets right to a wall or baseboard. I found that this machine successfully sucked up about half of the dirty cleaning solution, leaving the remaining solution to dry from evaporation.

Drying Time

After removing those dirt and old spilled coffee stain I left all the carpets fresh and sweet smelling. The thickest carpet requires 12-hours to dry, though it is faster if working with thinner carpets. >>Click Here to read more reviews.


The BISSELL DeepClean Essential Carpet Cleaner 8852 works great in all types of carpet. It will revive your dusty old carpet with its excellent cleaning power. Working with hard to reach areas makes it simple for you with the inclusion of attachment tools. Super easy to use and assembly takes only 5-minutes and you’re ready to go.

It is lightweight makes it easy to move around. Lifting it up stairs can be easily done when refilling and emptying the tank bladder. However, if it requires a tougher job and fast drying time you’ll need a bigger machine. It comes in affordable price that delivers superb value to anyone who’s looking for home carpet cleaner. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!

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