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Pressure Washer Reviews

Pressure washers are essential if you want to clean your home faster and easy from exterior wall, roof, drive way, pool decks, terrace including your car. This pressure washer reviews may help you to find the right pressure washer that will suite your needs.

Things To Consider

A good pressure washer delivers high water efficiency, energy consumption comfortable design and simple to use siphon tube when applying detergents and bleach. You may want to consider the right set of tips, great pickup tube and an adequate pressure to get the job done.

About The Spray Tip

A tip is located at the end of the wand and it is interchangeable that dictates the concentration of the water pressure. The higher the degree of the tip the greater volume it produces such as 40 and 25 while the lower creates more power like 15 and 0. Low pressure units most often have an adjustable tip nozzle.

Types Of Pressure Washer

There are two types of Pressure Washer available in the market today, the electric motor and gas powered engine. Electric motor pressure water delivers less power which is ideal for light cleaning applications. Typical power capabilities of electric Pressure Washer are from 750 to 1,500PSI however, it is available at lower cost and quieter during operations.

PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch) is the amount of power it can deliver as it leaves the tip of the Pressure Washer machine.

On the other hand, the gas powered engine provides more power which is excellent for applying bleach or detergent, stripping paint and cleaning your drive way. Typical power for Gas Pressure Washer is from 2,000PSI to 3,500PSI. However, this type of washer noisier and more expensive but, the job it can finish is definitely rewarding.

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Plasma Cutter Reviews

Plasma Cutters are high tech blow torch use to cut thick metal sheets easily such as steel, stainless and aluminum. A pressurized air is blown at exceptional speed coming from the nozzle, simultaneously an electrical arc is formed together to produce plasma. This results in an extremely hot temperature that is capable to melt the portion of the metal being cut.

Plasma cutters begun in early 1960’s, they we’re large slow and expensive. In the late 1980’s the Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology was introduced thus giving us greater flexibility however, these machines are limited to cut steel only in two direction in which the X and Y axis or horizontal and vertical manner only.

The said plasma cutters are made of analog that requires more than 2 kilowatts of power in heavy main-frequency transformer. Modern Plasma cutters now are Inverters, it rectifies the main supply to DC in which being fed into a frequency transistor inverter from 10KHz to 200KHz.

The transistor being used is MOSFET’s while other uses IGBT’s, these provides more efficiency than transformers while the size and weight are tremendously reduced. Inverter plasma cutters are lightweight, portable, user friendly and cheaper. Thanks to the latest technology it provides so that almost any hobbyist can create their own artwork at the comfort of their home.

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Kayak Reviews

We have written more Kayak Reviews as much as we can to help you decide which one the best suits your needs. If you’re still undecided or no idea in kayak but wanting to explore water adventure our kayak reviews will give you some insights. Kayaks are individually made for specific types of water and users. There are some factors you need to consider first before deciding to buy one. Here are some of those,


Kayaks have two types of stability, the initial stability and final stability. Wider kayaks have better initial stability but slower, this is best choice if you’re a beginner. On the other hand, narrower kayaks are faster and have better final stability than wider kayaks but less stable initially. These types of kayaks are for advanced user.

Hull Shape

There are two different hull shapes for kayaks, the V-shape and the U-shape. The V-shape are best for fast tracking that can cover more distance on flat waters because its slices the water that goes in a straight direction. It also has a better initial stability and a very good if you’re planning for touring. A U-shaped kayak feels shaky at first but has a better final stability and stable in moving waters such as rivers. Most sit-on-top kayaks are the combination of both initial and final stability which called the tri-form. These types of kayaks are in between which is best for fishing and diving.


Shorter kayaks have better maneuver because it can be easily turn in any direction you may want but harder to track straight. Longer kayaks are harder to maneuver due its length but easier to track on a straight direction.


There are kayaks with single and double capacity. Single kayaks are designed for one person only and double have two sitters for couples or friends which are ideal for family recreational activities. If you’re using it for fishing it is better to choose a kayak that provides extra storage for your equipments. Get a more comfortable kayak with an adjustable seat and footrest that prevents you from tiring during long hours of sitting.

Beginner Or Advanced?

If you’re a beginner it will be suitable for you to have a more comfortable cockpit area. A wider cockpit and short kayak is perfect for beginners. More advanced paddlers are looking for small cockpits that will exactly fit them to have more control over the kayak. Advanced paddler prefers a good final stability kayaks while beginner’s needs an excellent initial stability kayaks.

Where do you plan to use your kayak?

Kayaks are made different depending on their usage. You can never have one kayak that is applicable for all. For example, you can never use a tracking kayak in a fast moving river. You need to choose a kayak according to your certain type of applications. If you’re planning to use it for fishing it is best for you choose a kayak with good initial stability.       

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